Through accountability, community, and support we aim to provide every one of our students with the opportunity to thrive in starting, growing, and or scaling their businesses within the mental health and wellness fields. Accountability within the Vida System community entails accountability coaching calls to ensure that our students are working towards their goals to gain results. In regards to community, we grant our students access to exclusive social media groups in addition to our Vida Alumni Association. Support amongst our community of students encompasses but is not limited to online coaching calls for strategy implementation and weekly live FAQ. A variety of educational methods for learning provided in the Vida System include: handouts, videos, audios, questionnaires, templates, guides, and worksheets given throughout our program to better aid our students according to their learning style.

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The Yummy Client
Week 1
The Yummy Client
Week 1
Social Media
Week 2


Cash Clients and Practice Forms
Week 3
Coaching and Other Non-clinical Services
Week 4
Marketing and Advertising
Week 5
Week 6
Establishing an Entity and Managing Wealth
Week 7
Networking, Negotiating and Collaboration
Week 8
Week 9
Product and Merchandise
Week 10
Leadership and Brand Growth
Week 11
Speaking and Media Appearances
Week 12

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