Brandon and Kaelly

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

"We’re so excited to share with you our experience with the V.I.D.A. System and more importantly our unique experience with Zea, as she supported us not only in our own practices, but in bringing in two people to create one entity. As we started this journey with Zea we found a really solid structure and foundation and we really needed somebody to help us tighten up the bolts and to take things to the next level. We were able to (with her help) come up with a whole curriculum for a non-clinical support group for all mental health professionals in community mental health to be able to say we’re creating this partnership and we’re still wanting to give back to other mental health professionals. One of Zea’s great strengths is that she held us accountable and has also helped us recognize our own worth as clinicians, and taking all of our prior knowledge and experience and creating it into these programs. In doing so (this) has allowed us to really take our practice to the next level and focused on us providing direct service to clients and also giving back to the mental health field, in terms of helping mental health professionals develop themselves. With Zea’s guidance and her facilitation during groups, it’s created a culture of positivity and growth. We all entered as strangers and left as colleagues and family."


Licensed Professional Counselor

"Before I started The V.I.D.A. System my practice was just getting started and I wasn’t getting clients. I was still working full-time while trying to figure out how to run the marketing, the backend and finances. I was trying to get my business off the ground, while running myself into the ground. The V.I.D.A. System helped me answer all these questions and to streamline how everything works and I found a really good method to get new clients and inquiries everyday. This system has helped me find a vision for what my next steps are. As I grow and scale my practice, and I have tangible next steps, as I grow my business. I’ve now quit my full-time job with The V.I.D.A. System and I now have all these avenues and ways to grow. Having someone (Zea) who actually does what you do is priceless."

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