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“I’ve been in the mental health industry for years and it took Zeahlot to open my eyes to what I’ve been missing. As a fellow private practice and business owner I had been working with insurance for too long. I was overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid but, Zeahlot gave me the confidence to change all that!”


Confident Woman

“Queen Z is at it again giving me another reason to turn my attention to her! When Zea speaks she keeps it real and I love her energy. I feel like Z is giving me personal advice over coffee!”


Online Meeting

“I’ve known Zea for a few years now and she is one of the most knowledgeable LMFT’s/business women I have ever worked with. Not only is she giving back to her community with Vida’s resources but she is helping other mental health and or wellness professionals gain the abundance they deserve. Way to go Zea! Can’t wait to see what the Vida System builds out next!”



“Where was this wisdom in school?!? I’ve tried multiple business strategies over the years with no luck , but Zea gives you the building blocks for a successful business foundation. It’s all about small things building up to big. I recommend this to every business owner even if you are doing well you can always learn more.”



“I appreciate Latina women who take the world by storm and just don’t stop. So I had to get a peek into Zea’s newest resource for therapists. Let me say Damm!! Nothing can stop this woman! I look forward to seeing where she will go!”



“As a mental health professional myself I didn’t even know I needed something like this program! It’s a perfect way of learning how to grow my business as a mental health professional in community. Zea is so knowledgeable and ready to help the rest of us flourish alongside her.”



 “The Vida Team is always giving me great information that I can take with me. This week in Vida I learned the fundamentals of money managing and building a money team. From now on I am spending my money right. Here’s to building out a team instead of coffee everyday!”



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“Z and I have been colleagues for only a short period of time but she has always shown me kindness. The Vida System gave me the confidence to stop working for others and take the leap to making it on my own. It’s so scary but, I know with her guidance I can make it!”​



Shark Bite Biz's David Strausser chats with a star in the psychotherapist world, Zeahlot Lopez of The Vida System, about how to handle the mental stress that you and your team are facing during these unprecedent times. David and Zeahlot also discuss how she has become a rock star entrepreneur growing two business lines during the pandemic

"Rockin' with Mental Health

featuring Zeahlot Lopez of The Vida System"

Shark Bite Biz

In this bilingual sesión, we talk about the intention of shame, intergenerational shame, shame in speaking Spanish, where this stems from and how you can work on shame, if you are not ready to enter into therapy. Most importantly, Zeahlot talks to us about her unique perspective of using shame as a strength and provides us with various tools.

"La Vergüenza a.k.a. Shame"

Latinx Therapy

 Zeahlot Lopez is a dually licensed psychotherapist, licensed cosmetologist & entrepreneurial coach helping humans rebuild their spirit. Aside from providing therapy to better the lives of her clients, she enjoys coaching entrepreneurs & women of color who are looking to increase their emotional intelligence.

"How Self-Care is Essential for Speakers"

Be a Paid Speaker Now

We recorded this special episode on May 18th, 2019 LIVE in front of 70 people who attended our 1 year celebration in Los Angeles. This episode discusses the personal impact of being asked “¿y el novio?” but also how to empower yourself to remove the frustration that stems from this question.

"¿Y El Novio?"

Latinx Therapy

In this second part of HOW MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPISTS ARE MADE, we are moving up the ladder. In this episode, I speak with two fully licensed marriage and family therapists. They spill the tea on how to sustain yourself as a therapist, how therapy is "soul work", and the importance of Latinxs becoming therapists!

"Becoming a Therapist"

Through the Eyes of a Therapist

Eboni and Eliza are joined by Zeahlot Lopez of Vida Therapy to discuss her transition into therapy, serving minority communities and how she has built a thriving practice.

"Bring Your Best Self to this Vida"

Between Sessions

Guided by her intuition, clinical training, and life experience…and some luck….Zeahlot Lopez currently helps individuals and families lead a happier life! Aside from providing mental health services to better the lives of her clients, she enjoys providing coaching services to entrepreneurs and those looking to increase their emotional intelligence.

"Zeahlot Lopez MFT & Licensed Cosemetologist Talks Men"

The Barbershop Group

So honored to introduce our next special guest Zeahlot Lopez. She is a licensed cosmetologist and a licensed psychotherapist here in California. She has followed her path to bring herself into true alignment ! She is on a mission to bring out your best self to life ! She is here to serve  and spread light and love to all those who cross her path.

"Following Your True Path to Alignment"

Good Vibe Tribe


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