Established in 2020, amidst a global pandemic, the V.I.D.A. System was built and designed to help mental health and wellness professionals create time, financial, and location freedom with multiple streams of income by designing innovative ways of providing wellness. Additionally, we are a Latinx and female-owned corporation that provides training for practice development that advocates for growth amongst wellness professionals. 




Driven by culture and nourished by the desire to provide innovative ways to provide wellness services, The V.I.D.A System strategically offers mental health and wellness professionals the tools and services to support them on their journey. In essence we offer mentorship, coaching, advisory, implementation, support, and a networking community for healers. 


The V.I.D.A. System aims to support mental health and wellness professionals with the direction needed to build successful, sustainable, and scalable businesses by going from working for less to building abundance. 


Over the span of 90 days, we help you build a thriving practice by launching, scaling, and or innovating new methods of providing health and wellness services.


Growth – Spiritual, emotional, physical, cognitive expansion that aids the human experience in living to it’s full capacity

Purpose – Clear alignment in your reason for being and your existence, when they align

Authenticity- Being raw, authentic, and true to oneself regardless of social context

Tribe – Your community, your people

Health – Mind, body and soul are in sync for wholistic wellness

Our CEO and Founder


Zeahlot Lopez, is a dually licensed Latinx Psychotherapist that established the Vida System out of necessity for mental health and wellness professionals to thrive professionally, financially, and personally.


Additionally, in 2018, she established Vida Therapy Inc. with the intention of creating a space that provides access to mental health services to minorities and POC who are looking to self develop with therapy.


Aside from coaching mental health and wellness professionals, she is a keynote speaker, business consultant, corporate trainer, and an advocate of mental health.


Zeahlot has been featured on Univision, KTLA, LA Voyage Magazine, The Chundria Show, J.P. Morgan, as well as various conferences, and media platforms.

Abundance is your birthright! Ready to receive?



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